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We are constantly looking for great products that can benefit our students and subscribers. If you are an author or an expert speaker or consultant who has created online products (Audio, Videos, eBooks, Presentations) and want to get more exposure online, please feel free to fill the application form on this page.

Read Carefully: You can become a Vendor if:

  • You are the original creator of the ebook, audio, video, system or product that you are willing to sell through VOOFA Network. You must have 100% ownership of your creation. We do not allow reselling someone else’s product.
  • We support only Downloadable products such as eBooks, Audios, Videos, Home Study Courses, Programs, Presentations and applications. Make sure to explain your product in the form on this page.
  • We accept products that belong to the following categories: Business, Self Help, Personal Development, Author & Speaker Series, Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Online Web Marketing, Business Performance, Business Consulting, Finance, Health, Social Media, SEO, Graphic Designs, Downloadable Tutorials and similar niche.

Our Process

Please note that there is absolutely NO COST to become a Vendor on VOOFA Networks. We charge commission only when you make a sale. That is important for us to keep running this website for you.

STEP 1: Fill the form on this page and provide as much information as you can to increase your chances of getting accepted.

STEP 2: Once you submit your application, we will review it within 5 days and will contact you further with details. We will send you our commission structure and if accepted we will begin working on creating your product page.

STEP 3: We will then create a Vendor’s Account for you and will send you the credentials to track your sales. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

Payments: We make payments for sold products and services after 60 days from the day it is being sold. This is important to make sure that any buyer disputes are well settled and we have the funds available to transfer it to you. Due to many vendors offering a 30 days money back guarantee and the amount of time it takes for banks to transfer the funds along with buyers disputes, we follow a 60 days payment policy.

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